A perfect neighbourhood cafe for a sunday brunch – A Cafe

I remember the time I used to stay in Brookefields, Bangalore; and go to the neighbourhood chain cafe for my weekend dose of alone time with a good cup of coffee and my beloved books. I used to love that one hour to myself, to just sit in a quiet corner and spend some quality time with myself. However, humans are not humans if they do not wish for more. So there I used to be, sitting in that cafe, with a cup of coffee I cannot really complain about and a lovely book, looking outside the overtly air conditioned room, hoping to be in a better place.

How could it be better you ask? Well, it could be.

To start with, it could be outdoors, with not too much traffic noise and nice greenery. It could be smaller, to give it that neighbourhood cafe feel. You know what I mean right, the kind of cafe where you go once a week and the owner recognizes you and brings you your usual (Chain cafes can never be like that, plus, they are not expected to be).

Then, they could have more than ten kinds of coffees to talk about. I am not asking for too much, cut those coffees to down to basic cappuccinos, lattes and americanos and add some fresh sandwiches, salads and waffles. A small yet inviting menu.

And most important, it could have staff that does not keep hovering around you . You can actually read your book there and not worry about the background music being too loud. You can take those mid para breaks and stare at the lovely planters while taking a sip of that fresh watermelon juice. You can overdo your stay beyond that one black coffee without being bullied to leave (obviously when there is no waiting). And I can go and on and on.

And believe it or not, I found that place! Right next to my newly shifted house! The place is as low key as its name – A Cafe. Yes, that’s what its called. Its perfect! Its a simple setup with some really good comfort food and a perfect ambience for some ‘me time’. Me and my husband are there pretty much every Sunday. We carry our respective indulgences. Me my book, and he his Ipad. And, we spend a good one hour there having some non tampered fresh watermelon juice, an amazing refreshing sandwich ( I usually go with Mediterranean Sandwich or Scrabbled egg and basil sandwich) or a simple omelette and end it with a perfect black coffee.


Watermelon Juice & Banana Chocolate smoothie

image1 (4)

The refreshing sandwiches & Omelettes

I kid you not, I do not want it to become famous, because its my neighbourhood cafe and I want it to remain the same; but it would be unfair to not let the world know about it. So go visit the lovely ‘A Cafe’ if you are in the neighbourhood sometime and experience what I experience every Sunday morning!

Location: 11, 7th Cross, 3rd Block Koramangala, Near Raheja residency, Koramangala 3rd Block, Bangalore


Take a Chill Pill… At Big Chill!

Most of the people who know me, know how much I love Italian food.  A well cooked Pasta… An overloaded thin crust pizza… The perfect bruschetta… Lots and lots of olive oil… and not to forget the unbelievably awesome desserts…what’s not to like?

So, lets take a step back… where did this love begin? It began in Delhi.. In our very own Khan Market… At Big Chill! If you are in Delhi, or have lived there for a considerable amount of time, you know what I am talking about.

Big Chill is this monument of a place which makes you fall in love with everything they serve. They have many outlets in Delhi now. They keep their theme same and simple everywhere. Low key, and lots and lots of movie posters! Mostly you’ll see young crowd here. But, trust me, it really doesn’t matter… You want good hearty food?… Head to Big Chill!

I’ve tried quite a few dishes there. Here are a few of them from my last visits:

The Milkshakes

The Milkshakes

The thirst quenching and super delicious chocolate Milk shake! Not too rich, just right to accompany a meal.

The thin crust  pizzas!

The thin crust pizzas!

The pizzas there are all thin crust and have a generous amount of topping! I usually top it up with a generous helping for oregano and olive oil! Lip smacking stuff!

The Scrumptious pastas

The Scrumptious pastas

And of course the pasta! The picture says it all now, doesn’t it? Pasta cooked just right… with generous amount of sauce! Happiness follows!

And how can we forget the desserts? I was introduced to this wonderful dessert right here in Big Chill Café :

THE Mississippi Mud Pie!

THE Mississippi Mud Pie!

The legendary Mississippi Mud Pie… Melt in mouth, chocolaty dessert which makes a heavy yet perfect end to a meal.

And then there is the Banoffee Pie. Now I am not a big fan of banana in desserts. However, this one Banoffee pie is not only tolerable, but makes a pretty delicious dessert

Banofee Pie

Banofee Pie

So there you have it. Big Chill. A little pricey specially for the customer segment they attract. But worth it! Italian cuisine amateurs should definitely try it out!

Big Chill – Multiple locations in Delhi – Khan Market, DLF Place Mall – Saket, DLF Promenade

Holiday season… Dessert overflow!!

This holiday season I’ve been going a little crazy with dessert.
Not just eating it… But also baking it! Here is a little sneak peak into what I’ve been upto lately.
Baked a basic chocolate cupcake with white chocolate chips…

Then took a stroll to Cafe Max near office for a slice of their Snickers Cheesecake…

Christmas called for a massive baking accomplishment. I tried my hand on baking a Rum Cake! And what fun!! I will expand on my Rum Cake baking experience in a separate blog post, but here is a sneak peek into what the end result was-

Shopping in Phoenix mall was incomplete without stopping at Cafe Noir for the heavenly chocolate tart

And… Last but not the least, last night, on the occasion of my baby nephew coming home from his grand parents house, I baked him this little treat-
“Chocolate cupcakes topped with Nutella scoop”!!


Holiday season is not over yet… And I can say confidently that this dessert overflow is not over yet!! Look out!! 🙂

Black Plates and Amazing food… The Black Rabbit!

Sunday is the day of rest, Sunday is the day I barely get out of my room, let alone the house. Sunday is the day I hibernate. But two weeks back, I somehow managed to drag myself out of the bed, to go meet a friend who was leaving town for a while. And what a wise decision that was! We landed at a relatively new restaurant in Indiranagar by the name – The Black Rabbit. I know, the name sounds rather dark. But the place was very charming!

They have an indoor and an outdoor seating. We chose to sit outside (You never really wish to sit inside in Bangalore, unless its raining). Beautifully set up place, with minimal decor. I like places like this. They are not too loud ans still have a style of their own. Each table had a small potted plant on it. The pot was in a form of a tiny black bucket. Extremely cute!

One thing which stood out for me in this restaurant was the plates. Most of the fine dining restaurants I’ve been to always have these fancy white plates. The Black Rabbit, with its unique name, served us our meals in black plates. Nice heavy black plates which give a very different vibe to this place. Yes I know, they are just plates!

Moving on to more important stuff. The food. Good Food!! We started our lunch with a started by the name – “Baked Filo Parcels stuffed with Mushrooms, spinach and Cheddar cheese”.



Crispy, fluffy, melt in mouth filo parcels. The sauce on the side only made it better. The sauce had a bitter sweet flavor, which worked perfectly with the bland taste of mushrooms. I absolutely loved this starter!

For main we became a little ambitious and ordered the vegetable Lasagna and Rosemary & Garlic marinated roast spring Chicken. Oh those dishes looked good!





The look of these dishes was half the battle won. And the taste… well something that looks this good cannot taste bad. They were both perfect lunch dishes. A little too heavy though. I parceled half of my main. But I left this restaurant a very happy woman! The Lasagna was melt in mouth cheese heaven with decent portions of veggies hidden inside it. The Chicken was perfectly cooked with a sauce which could not have been better.

A perfect place for a quiet meal. A perfect place for a fancy meal. Go ahead. give it a shot!

Address: 770, Escape Square, 100FT Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore