Let me start with this quote I live by:

“There is no love sincerer than the love for food”

– George Bernard Shaw


I call myself as ‘another rat in the rat race of corporate world’. I’ve been working for past 5 years in a multinational company trying to achieve the best I can and grow as much as I can. But beyond the daily routine of going to work, and handling calls and meetings… I have another side of myself all together. I find joy in food. I find joy in exploring new cuisines and new restaurants wherever I go.

There is just one rule I follow – I write about what I like. So, you’ll never find a negative post on this blog. I see no point in putting negativity here, its my little happy space!

Simply put… I am a Delhi Girl, living in Bangalore for past 5 years. Exploring my love for food with all the lovely cuisines around me.

I hope to continue writing as it helps me relax. A successfully published post gives me a sense of success. My blog is a reflection of a little space inside of me. Do read if you think its worth knowing about.

Update- 20th May 2016:

Recently after being an integral part of an Indian wedding – ‘i.e. my own wedding’, I realized there is so much tradition and ritual which goes into an Indian wedding. Plus, there is so much beauty to it as well. The flowers, the henna, the decorations and so much more… Its mesmerising if you can pause a minute and appreciate these things. Being the bride, there was only so much pausing I could do. But thanks to a lovely photographer in a close friends, I got to relive the beauty of my wedding.

I want to use this platform to tell you guys a little bit about these wedding traditions and rituals. Give you a little flavour of the ‘solah singhar’ and the ‘saat pheras’. I think you’d enjoy it. It would add versatility to this very food phobic blog too! 😀

Do let me know what you think about it, and  if there are any specific aspects of Indian wedding you’d like me to cover. I might not know everything myself, but I have an entire army of ladies in my family (my mom, mom-in-law  and aunts), who would be more than eager to help me out!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Too bad you are exploring the food scene in Bangalore and not Delhi! I love food, I read your tagline and got all excited about getting to know some new places, but alas, not Delhi.

    😀 Liked what I read though, keep it up!

    • 🙂 I try to go to nice places whenever I go to Delhi. But then my focus shifts completely on Delhi Chaats. Thanks a lot though. I’ll try to cover some nice places when I am Delhi next time!

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