Everything that makes the bride glow on D-Day – II: The dress hunt!

I think every bride gets it. Irrespective of the budget, the tradition, the culture or any other parameter which might come in your head, a bride’s wedding dress is one of the major, if not the only thing which matters. The entire wedding revolves around it. The venue decoration, the groom’s outfit, and even the wedding cards at times are coordinated with the bride’s outfit!

Now you might argue, why only bride’s outfit? Where did the groom vanish? He is getting married too, right? Yes, but the answer is pretty straight forward, and again, I am sure every bride would agree with me. Guys’ clothes are boring. Yes, I said it out loud. Its true, what options do the poor guys have? A tux? A suit? Or a Sherwani in case of Indian weddings. And when you think about colours, I’ve personally met very few guys who experiment with colours, and even if they do, rarely on their wedding day.

Whereas when you think about women, we go all in! We can spend hours and look at as many options as possible to get to that one perfect outfit. Plus, we have so many options! Dresses, gowns, lehngas, suits, sarees and what not. The list can go on, not just for clothes, but also for colour combinations! Okay, you could argue here that, there are women who do not have that level of patience or do not enjoy shopping for clothes that much. And I would agree, because I am one of them. I took out three days to finish my entire wedding clothes shopping in one go and promised myself to never go through that pain again! But for those three days, I invested myself fully. I wanted my dress to be ‘The Dress’. I wanted to not just theoretically be the person in limelight, but to look the part too.

Indian weddings, to say the least, are elaborate. There is a lot of colour, a lot of glitter, and a lot of fun! So the wedding outfits need to match the feel of the wedding. Traditionally the main wedding dress is red. The main reason behind it is that in Hindu culture, red is considered aa the colour associated with being married. It is considered to be very auspicious. However, with times people are experimenting with other colours. These days you’d see a lot of women going with pink, blue, gold and other colours.

I wanted to stick with the red colour for my main wedding dress. But, I wanted it to have elements of pink and orange to make it stand out. Budget was a big thing for me. This is a dress which you wear only once or maybe twice in your life, and spending insane amount of money on designer lehngas made absolutely no sense to me. But at the same time I wanted it to stand out. The dress ended up being a little above my budget still, but kinda convinced myself eventually.


The wedding outfit


The epic footwear to match my outfit

For my mehndi, I wanted a fun dress. I wanted a fusion of Indian and Western. And, I wanted a light dress. A dress which I could dance around in without having to worry about how heavy it is. I eventually went with a pink and golden dress, which till date remains my favourite purchase.


The easy breezy mehndi dress

For my engagement, I wanted something golden with an element of red in it. My engagement was the first function to declare my wedding, and it happened nearly four months before the wedding. I went for a light yet elaborate golden lehnga with a red top. This was an easy to wear outfit irrespective of how it looked.


The Lehnga and the stole


The wedding outfit

Personally, I had more fun shopping for my wedding outfits than I had expected. However, I will still not want to do it again. It’s too much stress! But if you are currently in this phase where you are doing a wedding dress hunt and you feel like you are obsessing too much, relax. It’s worth your while.