A perfect neighbourhood cafe for a sunday brunch – A Cafe

I remember the time I used to stay in Brookefields, Bangalore; and go to the neighbourhood chain cafe for my weekend dose of alone time with a good cup of coffee and my beloved books. I used to love that one hour to myself, to just sit in a quiet corner and spend some quality time with myself. However, humans are not humans if they do not wish for more. So there I used to be, sitting in that cafe, with a cup of coffee I cannot really complain about and a lovely book, looking outside the overtly air conditioned room, hoping to be in a better place.

How could it be better you ask? Well, it could be.

To start with, it could be outdoors, with not too much traffic noise and nice greenery. It could be smaller, to give it that neighbourhood cafe feel. You know what I mean right, the kind of cafe where you go once a week and the owner recognizes you and brings you your usual (Chain cafes can never be like that, plus, they are not expected to be).

Then, they could have more than ten kinds of coffees to talk about. I am not asking for too much, cut those coffees to down to basic cappuccinos, lattes and americanos and add some fresh sandwiches, salads and waffles. A small yet inviting menu.

And most important, it could have staff that does not keep hovering around you . You can actually read your book there and not worry about the background music being too loud. You can take those mid para breaks and stare at the lovely planters while taking a sip of that fresh watermelon juice. You can overdo your stay beyond that one black coffee without being bullied to leave (obviously when there is no waiting). And I can go and on and on.

And believe it or not, I found that place! Right next to my newly shifted house! The place is as low key as its name – A Cafe. Yes, that’s what its called. Its perfect! Its a simple setup with some really good comfort food and a perfect ambience for some ‘me time’. Me and my husband are there pretty much every Sunday. We carry our respective indulgences. Me my book, and he his Ipad. And, we spend a good one hour there having some non tampered fresh watermelon juice, an amazing refreshing sandwich ( I usually go with Mediterranean Sandwich or Scrabbled egg and basil sandwich) or a simple omelette and end it with a perfect black coffee.


Watermelon Juice & Banana Chocolate smoothie

image1 (4)

The refreshing sandwiches & Omelettes

I kid you not, I do not want it to become famous, because its my neighbourhood cafe and I want it to remain the same; but it would be unfair to not let the world know about it. So go visit the lovely ‘A Cafe’ if you are in the neighbourhood sometime and experience what I experience every Sunday morning!

Location: 11, 7th Cross, 3rd Block Koramangala, Near Raheja residency, Koramangala 3rd Block, Bangalore


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