Take a Chill Pill… At Big Chill!

Most of the people who know me, know how much I love Italian food.  A well cooked Pasta… An overloaded thin crust pizza… The perfect bruschetta… Lots and lots of olive oil… and not to forget the unbelievably awesome desserts…what’s not to like?

So, lets take a step back… where did this love begin? It began in Delhi.. In our very own Khan Market… At Big Chill! If you are in Delhi, or have lived there for a considerable amount of time, you know what I am talking about.

Big Chill is this monument of a place which makes you fall in love with everything they serve. They have many outlets in Delhi now. They keep their theme same and simple everywhere. Low key, and lots and lots of movie posters! Mostly you’ll see young crowd here. But, trust me, it really doesn’t matter… You want good hearty food?… Head to Big Chill!

I’ve tried quite a few dishes there. Here are a few of them from my last visits:

The Milkshakes

The Milkshakes

The thirst quenching and super delicious chocolate Milk shake! Not too rich, just right to accompany a meal.

The thin crust  pizzas!

The thin crust pizzas!

The pizzas there are all thin crust and have a generous amount of topping! I usually top it up with a generous helping for oregano and olive oil! Lip smacking stuff!

The Scrumptious pastas

The Scrumptious pastas

And of course the pasta! The picture says it all now, doesn’t it? Pasta cooked just right… with generous amount of sauce! Happiness follows!

And how can we forget the desserts? I was introduced to this wonderful dessert right here in Big Chill Café :

THE Mississippi Mud Pie!

THE Mississippi Mud Pie!

The legendary Mississippi Mud Pie… Melt in mouth, chocolaty dessert which makes a heavy yet perfect end to a meal.

And then there is the Banoffee Pie. Now I am not a big fan of banana in desserts. However, this one Banoffee pie is not only tolerable, but makes a pretty delicious dessert

Banofee Pie

Banofee Pie

So there you have it. Big Chill. A little pricey specially for the customer segment they attract. But worth it! Italian cuisine amateurs should definitely try it out!

Big Chill – Multiple locations in Delhi – Khan Market, DLF Place Mall – Saket, DLF Promenade


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