Desserts on my mind… Oh wait… Desserts that blew my mind!!

I am sure all of you agree with me when I say – A below average meal can recover itself if ended by an amazing dessert… right?

Over the past few years, my journey of exploring restaurants and cuisines in Bangalore has brought some fabulous desserts to my notice. In no specific order, Let me present to you some of my precious finds:

1. Light as air waffles – At BelgYum

Waffle love!

Waffle love!

Strawberries… whipped cream… chocolate sauce… beautifully resting on the perfect waffle. One bite, and you float… seriously!

BelgYum – Phoenix Market City, Bangalore, India

2. The super delicate and rich as crazy Mille – Feuille at Café Noir

Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille

This dessert looks like a piece of art in itself. Attempts to share it can be quite tedious! Amazing combination vanilla, custard, chocolate and pastry… this dessert can serve as a meal in itself… And oh so divine!!

Café Noir – Phoenix Market City/UB City

3. The light and creamy Philadelphia Cheese Cake at Smokehouse Deli

The Phily cheescake

The Phily cheescake

The beauty of this desserts presentation sets standards for its taste pretty high in the first go. And trust me when I say it – It lives upto it! This melt in mouth cheese cake is a must have!

Smokehouse Deli – Indiranagar

4. A cupcake… or two!… At Spoonful of Sugar!

Cupcakes... or two?

Cupcakes… or two?

These little cupcakes are the reason I learnt how to bake. The best buttercream icing ever! Team them with a good coffee, and your evening is set!

Spoonful of Sugar – Indiranagar/Kormangala

5. Belgium chocolate used the way it was meant to be! – Belgium chocolate pastry at Crème and Crust

Belgium Chocolate!!

Belgium Chocolate!!

Want to know what being in dessert coma feels like? Have this!! I mean it! Move! Now!!

Cream and Crust – Indiranagar

6. The classic combination of vanilla ice cream with Chocolate… Bomb! At Chianti!

Chocolate Bomb at Chianti

Chocolate Bomb at Chianti

Or for that matter… at Shiros

Chocolate Bomb at Shiros

Chocolate Bomb at Shiros

Absolutely brilliant dessert… in every way possible!

Chianti – Indiranagar/Kormangala

Shiros – UB City

I am sure there are many more desserts which are missing in this list… I will keep adding them to make an insane dessert list here! 🙂


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