Lunch with work besties… Creme & Crust… Here we come!

So me and my lovely ladies decided to head out for Friday afternoon lunch today. And what better place to indulge ourselves than our old and faithful Creme and Crust.
Over and above our usual order of nachos (without which our meals cannot start… Nor gossips)… Of which I’ve raved enough in my older posts, we tried the following.

The very very sinful Oreo milkshake. Ok this was only me. But I love milkshakes!!! I mean look at this beauty… How can someone not drink this-

I think this is the next recipe I want to learn. Anybody who has a recipe of a spectacular Oreo milkshake, please let me know.

Next came the veggie burger and the pizza… Nothing spectacular. But good enough for the plates to be completely cleaned in minutes.



And of course… A trip to Creme and Crust is incomplete without trying the dessert. So we ordered the prettiest looking thing in the restaurant – Belgium chocolate –

This dessert was the best decision ever made. We were full to our necks after the lunch but this dessert got the best possible treatment from us.
Not exaggerating, but after eating it I went into a dessert coma for 2 minutes or so.
What a lovely afternoon. Oh, and did I mentioned we were just three girls who gobbled up this entire meal!!
Impressive or what?


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