Guess Game #1 – Wrinkles….And the answer is….

This is a follow up blog to the Guessing Game started by Justine on Eclectic Corner. I am a little late in posting my answer, Apologies, I’ve been traveling a bit.

As expected, mine was not a tricky image, and in fact got guessed in the first few hours of the blog post itself.. But, it was so much fun!!. Specially trying to figure out what other’s had posted. I have rolled up my socks and am waiting for the next topic rather eagerly.

So here is what my photo for the topic “Wrinkles” was:

Who am I?

Who am I?

desleyjane was quick to guess it as leather, and that’s what it is. It is a leather handbag.. To let you in on a little secret, This is a handbag I take to work daily, and I clicked this pic with my Iphone (5s) as soon as read the topic :D. Here is a full image of the handbag:

Here you go!

Here you go!

This is a great way to get over the post-photography 101 blues. Thank you so much Justine for having organized this. Looking forward to the next topic!!


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