Photography 101 – Day 20

Today’s Topic – Triumph

When I think of Triumph, I can think of a lot of moments which would suit the topic perfectly. Like the time I got into the institute of my choice… Or the first time my nephew called out my name… My first international travel… and so many other things. Sadly,today I realized I do not have photos to showcase most of such moments. These moments of triumph usually just happen.

But there is one moment of triumph which I really want to share today. This is the perfect forum for sharing this triumph mainly because I express my love for food here. So,

Drum roll…..



Yes, it’s the day I learnt how to bake! This photo is obviously not clicked by me (I am in it! 🙂 ) But this one is:

IMG_1242 (2)

The precious cupcakes I baked. It was love at first sight… And there has been no looking back since then. If interested, you can find my post on this cupcake workshop here, and it’s after effects here!!

What do you guys think?



17 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day 20

    • Thank you so much!! My nephew had a sugar rush that night!! It’s been so awesome interacting with you! Please keep stopping by!

  1. That’s fantastic! I read about your workshop, how cool. I did a dumpling-making workshop as part of my birthday this year and it was the best! I love the purple with sprinkles!!

    • 🙂 Thank you! These workshops can be quite fun. Yes the one with purple icing was red velvet cupcake with butter-cream frosting. One of the best combinations. And the color was just the cherry on the top! Do keep in touch! I absolutely love your blog! Hoping to continue reading your wonderful posts 🙂

    • I find baking breads extremely difficult. I think I am not patient enough with the dough. Breads I bake always turn out too doughy!

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