Photography 101 – Day 17

Today’s Topic – Glass

Tricky! Tricky! Tricky!

I have ZERO photographs on this topic. The only one I could think of was the confession room photo, which I already used for the mystery topic. So, believe it or not, I went around the office looking for some window to click a photo from. Sadly, all the windows in my office are just too clean! No one would see the point of a through-glass photo.

So, I had to improvise. I again scanned through my archives (read, and re-read the topic details, to find some loop hole πŸ™‚ ). I can officially say Β – I’ve spent more time contemplating on this topic, than working today! And found one photo!!

This photo is not half bad. This was clicked on a dinner in a rather fancy restaurant during my recent Chennai visit. I wanted to click the beautiful little lamp on our table, and get the contrast with the rather dark surroundings. I was not very happy with the end result, simply because the glass covering the lamp kept making the light crack and expose on the photo. But, I think that’s the beauty of the glass being there.



Now that I think of it, It’s a rather lovely photo. Weirdly silent, yet loud in it’s own way. Would love to hear your thoughts!



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