Photography 101 – Day 15

Today’s topic – Landscape.

I find landscape pretty fun to click, mainly because if the scenery is right, there is only so much you have to do with a camera. The photo always comes out pretty! Not to forget, you don’t have to worry about your subject moving around…. šŸ™‚

I am having trouble choosing between two photos for today, So I am going to post both of them. Both of them are from my Hampi visit. Both these photos have a different character. I hope you guys think the same too

So,here is the first photo:



Hampi is divided into two parts by this water body. One has to cross it to get to the other side. I was lucky to be here on a not so sunny day, and what caught my eye is the stone in the middle of the river which looked rather similar to an elephant! This pic might not do justice to the stone per say, but trust me! It really looked like an elephant! I love the mystical feel this photo gives.

And, here is the second photo:



I love this photo for two reasons. One, for the different shades of green which this photo contains. And second, because of the way the trees are reacting to strong wind. I specially love the way the two small trees are moving in opposite direction. I now cannot remember how exactly the wind was that day to make the trees do that, but it sure is pretty!

What do you think?



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