Photography 101 – Day 14

Today’s topic – Swarm

Today’s topic made my heart sink a bit… Not because of the topic, but because of the time I read it. I wish, I had read this topic first thing in the morning. My usual morning routine of going to the apartment roof to feed pigeons would have given me the perfect photo for the topic (today the number of pigeons was surprisingly large!)… Or even my travel to office (as I usually drive during office rush hour – would have got a brilliant vehicle swarm photo! 😦 )  …

But well, I read the topic only after plonking myself on my office desk with a hot cup of tea

Well, as usual started the hunt for the perfect photo from my archives. And… I think I found something half decent… These are inanimate subjects.. But its a swarm for sure… Swarm of what you ask…



A swarm of prayers I say…

This is a photo of candles lit in Notre dame. One of my favorite clicks from my France visit.

Justified enough? What do you think?



10 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day 14

    • Thank you! yes… Pigeons would have been my first choice too.. Maybe I’ll still click them tomorrow and put them in like swarm2.0 post 🙂

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