Photography 101- Day 13

Today Topic – Moment

It’s such a wonderful coincidence that this topic came right after we had to write about “Golden Key” in the Blogging101 program. The memory of writing about golden key to happiness is still very fresh in my head. Moments of happiness, that’s what defines our lives right? Moments of sadness, give direction to out lives… but it’s the moments of happiness which remain itched forever.

As I browsed through the images I’ve clicked in past few years. It was amazing how every second photo reminded me of some special moment or the other. After all, a photo is clicked as a remembrance of a moment itself. So for today’s assignment I chose this very special moment –



The day we took me nephew to “Lal Bagh” (A huge park in Bangalore – Considered a tourist site as well). This exact moment defines everything that a child is to me…. Carefree, free flying, completely trusting of people around him, light headed… and so much fun!!

Makes me feel a bit jealous of having grown up….

What do you think?



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