Photography 101 – Day 12

Today’s topic – Architecture.

I have never fancied clicking photographs of a buildings, and I haven’t traveled enough to see cool abstract skyscrappers like the on shown on the topic page today. I did go to Dubai last year and saw Burj Khalifa. But somehow it doesn’t fit here today. As amazing as that building is, I see no excitement in putting a black n white photo of it.

The one time I do remember being awe-struck is in churches in Paris. Oh they have some really beautifully made churches! So, I started exploring my France photo album. And and found my entry for today:

Architecture... The Hallway

Architecture… The Hallway

I loved the way the lamps on each pillar gave so much beauty to the infrastructure. Also, the structure in itself was mesmerizing. I don’t know much about photo editing, but I tried to change this photo into black n white.

Black N White

Black N White

And… I think it looks even better!! The color transition between the pillars and the lamps is so soft in this image… very divine! What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day 12

  1. I like the black and white one too – the lamps look great. Its a really lovely photo. I also enjoyed seeing a completely different picture when I applied monochrome to mine. Aren’t we all clever??

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