Photography 101 – Day 11

Today’s topic – Pop of color.

Only condition – Focus on only one color.

That should ideally make today’s task tough for me. But I’ve been having this one picture in my head since the start of this program, and have been waiting for some topic to come up for me to put it in. I was this close to putting it in “warmth” topic. But somehow restrained myself… And, well, I am glad I did, because its perfect for today’s topic!

So here is my photo for today’s topic –

Pop of color!

Pop of color!

I would love to take credit for this awesome photograph, because I did click it. But I never expected for it turn out this awesome! It was just a matter of lucky timing. The red color explosion in this photo gives it so much character!

This is a photo I clicked last year during Diwali. This photo is very special to me, not just because of the way it turned out, but also because it shows 3 generations of my family enjoying a wonderful festival.

What do you think about this photo? Justifies the theme?



10 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day 11

  1. What a special photo and yes, I think it definitely justifies the theme. The red is strong and warm – I can see why you thought about using the photo for the assignment on warmth. This is a photo to treasure.

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