Photography 101 – Day 9

Today’s Topic – Warmth.

Hmm.. If I had to choose, I’d put everything I had put in my Bliss topic into this blog. But that would fail the purpose of this assignment. I’ve been taking all the topics and interpreting them at a very personal level till date. Today also I’ll do the same, but I’ll try to add some aspect of the actual assignment to it! <embarrassed smile> !!

Warmth to me, is simply put… My baby nephew! He is the cutest and the most affectionate thing to ever walk on this earth! He loves to cuddle! And, has a laugh which is so addictive that it drives you nuts after a point of time!

So, here is my nephew (Now 3 years old), enjoying the sun in Hampi:



I love this photo, reason unknown even to me. Another photo, which is the best depiction of warmth of my little one:



So here you go. That’s my warmth. Thoughts?



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