Photography 101 – Day 8

Today’s topic – The natural world

I knew what I wanted to showcase on this topic as soon as I read it. But it’s not a photo I clicked. It’s a photo my sister staying in Singapore sent to me. So for this particular topic I am going to put two photos. One, which I personally think fits this topic wonderfully, But is not clicked by me. And another, which is not half bad either.



So here is the first photo –

My sister has been taking pottery classes, and she sends me pics of things she makes. I love the earthiness these photographs have (quite literally). I never fancied learning pottery myself, but this is what a natural thing is for me. This vase, made out of her hands with clay. The bumps and fingerprints here and there makes it even more natural for me. What do you think?

Another photo which I think fits this topic, and is more mainstream than the one above is this-



Now, before you consider this another plant’s photo, let me tell you why i choose this specific plant! I love to click photographs of flowers and plants. Its a family thing I think. My dad is another person who loves to click flowers. :). But this is one plant you will see pretty much anywhere and everywhere in India. This plant is actually a weed. Nobody really wants it in their gardens. And, that’s the reason this is the natural world for me. Something that just comes up on its own. Something so colorful and fragile (the flowers literally shatter in your hands if you are not careful with them).

So yep, this is my take on “the natural world”. What do you think?



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