Photography 101 – Day 7

Today’s topic – Landmark.

This one took me a while to figure out. Enough for me to have read the topic first thing in the morning and to be publishing it late in the evening. My initial plan was to click the CCD outlet right across my house. That’s the first landmark that came into my head as soon as I read the topic. But that wasn’t good enough. So I refrained from putting it and gave myself sometime to think of a better landmark. And did I hit a jackpot or what!



This is another photo from my Paris visit. As I was walking on the Paris streets, completely in awe of my surroundings and the infrastructure, I saw this on the floor. It was something so ordinary yet such a big deal.

I am sure most of you recognize this sign. It’s the Paris meridian line indicator. Why did I choose this? Because this was one of first references created for maps (after Greenwich and Prime meridian). Nothing in my head was a more perfect landmark than this. An old and long standing landmark for not just us on the streets but so many more!

What do you think?



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