Photography 101 – Day 5

Today’s topic – Solitude

Finally!! So today I finally post a picture I clicked after reading the topic! This wasn’t easy. For me solitude ideally is when I sit with a cozy book in my room after a hectic office day. When I can process how my day went, and just go blank if need be. However, I really did not want to post a photo of my unkept room! (You seriously don’t want to see it!)

So here is my photo for solitude:



So every morning, at around 7:00-7:30am someone from my family goes to the apartment roof to feed the pigeons. Lots and lots of pigeons show up (over 50 at times). Its beautiful! However, I was late in going to the roof today. Ended up going around 9am. And, this is what I saw. Just this one little bugger, waiting for me. It felt like the perfect moment for the topic today.

I don’t think it would mean much without the context. But I think it captures the essence. Thoughts?



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