Photography 101 – Day 4

Today’s Topic – Bliss.

Easy? I don’t think so. No one single photo can define what bliss means to me. There are so many things… moments which define bliss for me. So I am going to choose more than one pic (three actually) on today’s topic! (Hope that’s OK)

As soon as I read this topic, dessert popped in my head! (After all I am a food blogger). But whats even more blissful is the dessert made from scratch!



So presenting… (drum rolls….) the perfect intense chocolate cupcakes I made from scratch as a post-afternoon nap snack for my nephew! The joy of seeing perfectly shaped 6 cupcakes and the glitter in his eyes…. Bliss. I like the way I clicked this photo. Kept the phone camera at one end to give a focused yet unfocused look…

Another thing which defines bliss for me is a perfect evening. I don’t drink much. But this specific evening, in Haus Khas Village, Delhi with this beautiful tall glass of bubbly and live music was just perfect. Look at the photo below. Isn’t is just perfect? Love the way the bubbles have come in it!



Lastly, and I guess something which is a bliss for most people, is a long drive on beautiful national highways. Driving on a beautifully paved road with trees lined up on both ends… combined with the perfect weather… Bliss. right?



So, there you go. this is my bliss… Many more keep popping up in my head… But this sums it up well. thoughts?



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