Photography 101 – Day 3

So, Today’s topic is Water.

There is a small water body right next to my office, and I was thinking of taking a picture of it for this day. But then, the picture would have meant nothing to me. I live in Bangalore, India. And this city is known for its amazing weather because of the amount of rain it gets, unexpectedly. Every few days, when the weather becomes slightly hot and humid, the rain comes to our rescue (not forgetting the havoc it causes on the roads). So I remembered this photo



Its not a great photo, as its taken from a moving vehicle, But what strikes me is how things look so different when it rains. Everything looks pretty, even a mundane house.

Whats even more lovely is the droplets of rain on your balcony plant the next morning. The way they just hold on to the leaves for the first half of the morning before they get sucked in by the plant below or absorbed by the sun above.



This is another photo, I took a morning after a crazy night rain. I know the pics are not very good quality as they have been taken from a phone camera. But this is water means to me…

What do you think?



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