Who am I? Why I’m here

This ideally should have been my first post on this blog. But thanks to Blogging 101 initiative I am finally doing this. Introducing myself. Introducing my blog.

I call myself as ‘another rat in the rat race of corporate world’. I’ve been working for past 5 years in a multinational company trying to achieve the best I can and grow as much as I can. But beyond the daily routine of going to work, and handling calls and meetings… I have another side of myself all together. I find joy in food. I find joy in exploring new cuisines and new restaurants wherever I go.

I created this blog after being pushed to do this by a friend. It started off as a plain and simple restaurant review blog, and continues to be the same. There is just one rule I follow – I write about what I like. So, you’ll never find a negative review on this blog. I recently discovered my love for baking as well.. Baking is my stress buster, baking helps me be creative. So, I have started writing about by baking endeavors too. I don’t write recipes, mainly because I usually see them on other blogs and I am still learning.

I hope to continue writing as it helps me relax. A successfully published post gives me a sense of success. My blog is a reflection of a little space inside of me. Do read if you think its worth knowing about. 🙂


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