Phototgraphy 101 – Day 2

As I was a day late to start participating in this program, I am putting two entries today.

Topic for day 2 – Street.



Its like this photo just hit my brain as soon as I read the topic. This is a photo I took a couple of months back. I had gone for a weekend vacation to Hampi. Hampi is a historical place near Bangalore in Karnataka, India. This city is called – The city of ruins. Acres and Acres of monumental ruins, to see life as it used to be, and whats left of it. As I walked past these ruins, this particular street/gateway just grabbed my attention.

The outlook of greenery beyond the ruins felt like a wonderful view to capture. What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Phototgraphy 101 – Day 2

  1. Love the patch of greenery at the end, and how the walls seem to all lead to it! I always wanted to visit Hampi, and your photo just intensified my desire. My camera and I need to plan a trip there soon.

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