Experience: Cupcake Workshop at Spoonful Of Sugar

So, this is the first, but I am hoping to have many more such entries moving forward.

I’ve been wanting to learn baking for a while now – Mainly because I’ve been told that baking is all about measurements and right temperature. Quite less can be left on luck. So the chances of me messing it up might be less.

I first noticed the cupcake workshop pamphlet at SOS few weeks back, when I took my parents to experience the food there. (Off-topic, but I tried the pesto pasta there- Loved it! ) The list of things they were teaching was way to tempting to be ignored. I love cupcakes.

So well, I signed up for it. It’s definitely an expensive affair. But one needs to keep in mind that its being hosted in an industrial kitchen, with the head chef of the same place spending good 3-4 hours with you. Keeping all that in mind, the money you spend really seems worth it. They also maintain a small batch size, which is another plus.

So, after registering and pre-paying the money nearly a week in advance (I wanted to make sure I get a spot!), I landed up at SOS on a Sunday morning for the workshop.

All Set!

All Set!

I have to be honest, I was very skeptical of my baking skills, and patience of a cafe’s head chef with me… but what an experience! This is the place where you want to be if you are a beginner at baking. To say the least, they can make you fall in love with baking.

The workshop started with a demo where the chef took us step by step of making a cupcake (She did this for Vanilla cupcake batter). It seemed quite easy with the electronic whisk, and I was looking forward to turning that pretty blue machine on an off. But… then.. umm…
We were supposed to use the normal hand whisk… (who owns such a cool piece of equipment at home anyways). So the dream to use the machine went down the drain, and we started our morning cardio. Whisking is tough!

But we did it! We baked mini-chocolate cupcakes and medium size red velvet cupcakes. All in 2 hours! We also learnt how to split an egg yolk into half… “NOT EASY”!

We also were taught how to make different icings… coffee, oreo, chocolate ganache, buttercream… It was dessert heaven. Imagine- being handed some 10-12 cupcakes and so many different kinds of icings – and asked to go nuts! We spent good half an hour decorating our cupcakes with the icings and cake decorations. and viola! … I baked cupcakes! Just like that. Three hours just flew by.

All done!

All done!

Icing on the cake – We took with us all the cupcakes we made… and all the left over icing. Quite a feast at my house that night!

The art pieces..

The art pieces..

They do these workshops quite frequently, so do try to attend one of them… They really are fun!


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