Chennai Express!

A couple of months back, I went to Chennai to meet an old friend. I’ll be honest, I was dreading this visit. Specially with respect to food and climate. I have spent the past 5 years of my life in Bangalore, and the only thing I know for sure is that South Indian food is not my first choice… or second…

But well, I still packed my bags and took an early morning flight to Chennai. Yes, the weather sucked. It was hot and sweaty. But my bigger problem was hunger. Having woken up at 3am, I was starving. Our first stop hence was a famous south Indian restaurant chain by the name Sangeetha. Yes, I was skeptical, but then I was too hungry to bother, I was also promised that this would be our only south indian meal through my entire trip.

So we went into this absolutely empty 2 story restaurant, I am 100% sure we were their first customers. I ordered Ghee Podi Masala dosa.


Ghee Podi Masala Dosa

Ghee Podi Masala Dosa

And lets just say, I was in love. Not an ideal breakfast option, as its full of ghee and spices, but so filling and tasty! I also tried a bit of Vada and ghee Pongal. My Dosa won! 🙂

Ghee Pongal and Vada

Ghee Pongal and Vada

The breakfast ended with a perfect cup of filter coffee in a steel cup.

Next few days were spent to explore the city and the food it had to offer. Unlike the normal tourists, I spent the entire trip trying not to eat South Indian food. Its a given fact that the south Indian food there is good, so I tried to move beyond it, and explore the rest.

I discovered some beautiful places, with some delicious food and amazing ambiance.

Chamiers Cafe – This is a very classy cafe residing right on top of a rather expensive boutique by the name Anokhi. I tried a red plus pesto sauce pasta there. perfect! One of those rare places in India where the pasta was cooked just right!



The dessert I ordered was a little too sweet for me, but I can see people enjoying it.

Hazelnut Pastry

Hazelnut Pastry

Chap Chay –

Chap Chay

Chap Chay


This Chinese restaurant was rather innovative. Their idea of a main course is to hand you an empty bowl, and provide you with an array of raw items to go into it. You choose the ingredients, you choose your sauce.. and you hand it over to the chef and voila! – he gets you a delicious main course!

Not to forget, I tried the jasmine tea here. I think its the ideal after dinner drink.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

I tried many more small cafes and restaurants there. Sadly my memory has failed to recall the rest of the names..

All I want to say at the end it, Chennai is definitely cooler than I thought it was, and I am looking forward to going back there!



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