A little bit of International…

I haven’t traveled internationally much. But here is a sneak peak into the little I’ve seen and eaten:

Grand Dubai!

Grand Dubai!

This New Years I got an opportunity to see Dubai in it’s most glamorous version. I was impressed… to say the least!

Burj Kalifa

Burj Kalifa – The breathtaking sight!

Fresh Raspberry

Fresh Raspberry 

The quality of fresh fruits here was unbelievable. I spent my entire vacation eating these!

The sophisticated Indian dessert!

The sophisticated Indian dessert!

And of course, I saw our Indian sweets being sold in style!

Goodbye Dubai!

Goodbye Dubai!

A vacation is always incomplete without splurging on clothes… And Doritos!

Next up… Shanghai – This was a work travel, which happened earlier this year, And oh what an experience!

Shanghai Sunrise

Shanghai Sunrise

I managed to explore the food here a little bit more than I did in Dubai (thanks to umpteen dinner plans). Chinese cuisine is very interesting. It’s subtle yet flavorful. They do not overpower their dishes with hundreds of spices. They use few, but they use them generously

Honey chicken

Honey chicken – Sweeter than expected, but divine!

Sponge cake dessert

Sponge cake dessert – Outside box is bread too!

Fruits served in style

Fruits served in style

The local Chinese Beer - Tsingtao

The local Chinese Beer – Tsingtao

BreadTalk Cake - Everything that a cake should be

BreadTalk Cake – Everything that a cake should be

Great places… Amazing food…

Hopefully, I’ll have many more to share in near future! Until then… Indian restaurants it is!




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