Cheese and Beans… Chili’s!

Let me start of by saying that I am not a big fan of Mexican food. Somehow never developed a taste for it, which is weird because I am an Indian (as per popular view, Indian and Mexican cuisine taste the same- I have to disagree!)

But when it comes to food, I am always ready to experiment. So I headed to Chili’s in Phoenix mall, Whitefield, Bangalore for lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Chili’s is a Mexican food restaurant chain.

The ambiance is pretty average. They have outdoor and indoor seating. The bar occupies major part of the indoor seating, with booth like table setup around it. We chose to sit inside. Here, I would like to specially mention the waiters. Extremely humble. the service here gets a big thumbs up from me. They follow a culture of coming to to your eye level by bending their legs, and they make sure they do that for every conversation. Very interesting tradition.

We planned to make it proper 3-course meal and started with starters. We ordered “Texas cheese poppers”. Very cheesy, very filling, very tasty.

Texas Cheese Poppers

Texas Cheese Poppers

Next came the main course. we ordered “Country fried chicken” and “Veggie & Cheese quesadillas”. Very cheesy, very filling. very tasty. The portions are huge here. For an appetite like mine, a single main course will suffice for two.

Veggie & Cheese Quesedillas

Veggie & Cheese Quesedillas

Country Fried Chicken

Country Fried Chicken








Stuffed and having gotten half our main course packed, we decided to order the dessert, after-all a meal is incomplete without it. We tried the “Southern peach bread pudding”. Lightly sugared, fluffy and light, the perfect end to the meal.

Southern Peach Bread Pudding

Southern Peach Bread Pudding

Not sure if I will go here again, but if you love Mexican food, its a must try. Its a little expensive, but well what else are Sunday afternoons for!

Address: 20, Ground Floor, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore


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