Sometimes it’s more about the conversations…

A warm and welcoming place is all you need on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a weekday when you got a couple of hours to spare.

Coffee on Canvas is a cafe in Kormanagala which brings back the old school cafe feel!

When I was in college, we used to go the CCDs and Barristas (which were not as common back then) to go have just that one cup of coffee (because you had to order something!) and spent hours playing games or reading book. Those places are not the same anymore.

Hence, it was such a pleasure to enter Coffee on Canvas, to see people not only having the “Kullad Chais” … but also playing games and reading books. Nobody seemed in a hurry.


Coffee on Canvas is a roof top café with a spread out seating. They have dedicated one entire area to activities. They have games, books, sketching and painting stuff, etc. The plant creepers hugging the walls till the ceiling add a rustic feel to the place. There is no a/c here, just some randomly placed fans. So feeling a bit hot on a non-windy is possible. Settle yourself on one of the bean bags, be patient with your waiter and spend hours without much stress.


And making the evening even better is decent chai and snacks. I wouldn’t rate this place much on food or service. But this place is not about food anyways.


Go here, to enjoy an evening with friends… to connect like we used to when pubs and clubs didn’t crowd our world. Go here to spend time with yourself!


Address: 84, ST Bed Layout, 4th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore


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