The rural experience… Gramin

All of us have those days when we want to eat out, but eat simple. Eat healthy and expect a good experience. On one such day I discovered Gramin in Kormangala. When in mood for simple vegetarian north Indian food and a village like experience, head there!

Looking from outside Gramin looks like a double story shack. there are benches lined up outside the restaurant for people to wait till their tables get ready. Yes, it’s a famous place and they do not take reservations. But the good part is you never need to wait too long. As you wait for your table they hand you the menu to place your order, and your food reaches your table just as soon as you do.

As we sat on our table I couldn’t help but wonder about the amount of effort taken to give this small place a rural feel. From red brick walls decorated with rural wall hangings to the utensils with brass coating to give them an old feel. As much as the place is not very big, the space is utilized to its maximum.

To add to the ambience they are known for playing retro Bollywood songs. However, on the day I went they had decided to go modern with the music.

Coming to the food, it was nothing exceptional. Do not go there expecting spectacular food. This place has to be visited for the experience it offers and the quick service. The food is simple and light. We started with “nimbu shikanji” (lemonade). It came in a huge brass coated glass, chilled to perfection. Just the right amount of salt and sweetness made it an ideal thing to start a good north Indian meal with.

Going to the main course, the vegetable curries here are well cooked and light. The dal makhani is worth a try. However what win’s hands down are the breads here. If hungry enough try the bread basket here with the curries you pick.

The meal finishes with arrival of a finger bowl and then the bill which could leave nothing else but a smile on your face. An affordable place and a must go on the days you don’t want to spend too much money.

This place gets a big thumbs up from my side!

Address: No. 20, Raheja Arcade, Kormangala, Bangalore.


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