My Street food capital

Having lived in Delhi throughout my student life, street food has been an integral part of my diet. However, after moving to Bangalore this part of my food routine disappeared somewhere. Bangalore might have the best of restaurants but one thing it doesn’t have is the street food. During my recent visit to Delhi, I rediscovered my love for street food.

As I think of street food, the familiar chaats of Delhi come into my mind. Every second street in Delhi has a gol gappa and chaat papadi vendors, selling amazing chaats at an affordable price. The melt in mouth sooji gol gappas with filling that will make tears come from eyes, and smoke from ears in my kind of street food. Try the gol gappas of ‘Khatta-Meetha’ at Sarojini Nagar. They are the best I’ve had till date!

Not to forget the ever famous chaat papdi in summers and aloo chaat in winters, and a million other permutation combinations to make every chaat taste as good as the last one! However, street food of Delhi is not just limited to chaats. Besides every chaat vendor in Delhi, you will most probably see a momos vendor. Selling steaming hot veg and non veg momos at an affordable price with the tastiest of chili sauce. This street food is a must try!

The list doesn’t end here; you have seasonal street food in Delhi too. Come summers, you will see kulfi and lemon water vendors lined up in a row near bus stands. People sell cut ripe coconuts at red lights. Monsoon is corn time! You get roasted and boiled corn with great seasoning. Winters welcome the nuts! Be ready for popcorns and peanuts warmed in a huge utensil with simple salt seasoning.

Delhi street food and I have a never ending love affair! Next time in Delhi, do take some time out to explore it’s amazing street food, especially if you live in Bangalore.

This post would have been much better with photos, but sadly I never thought of clicking any pics before I gulped down all the food.


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