This Elephant is Elegant for sure

My love for good north Indian food is no longer a secret. However, Bangalore is hardly the ideal place to indulge my cravings. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to see ‘An Elegant Elephant’ in Koramangala. Yes, I know what you are thinking – it’s not a very tempting name for a restaurant. The name does make you think twice. Nevertheless, one fine evening I gave into my cravings and headed to see how elegant the elephant is after all.

What a mammoth of a place! They have enough room for indoor as well as outdoor seating. Beautifully décor, old Hindi music in the background and the lovely staff make it a place worth visiting. To add to the feel, they have pretty quirky names for the washrooms too – Badshah (king) and Begum (queen).

Coming to the food, I opted for the buffet option. The jaljeera (with boondi) served in a kulad was very refreshing and felt like the perfect thing to start the dinner with. Everything served looked and tasted fresh. The palak chaat came as a big surprise. Who thought something made out of palak could be that tasty? The main course had enough variety with three veg and two non-veg dishes with rice and breads. It’s a refreshing experience to go out for a meal and not feel like all you’ve consumed is oil. The dessert comprised of gajar ka halwa and kheer.

What impressed me the most about this place is their service. For not more than a minute were our plates empty. Everything was served hot and fresh. Never once did I have to ask for my glass of water to be refilled. As much as there is nothing exceptional about the food here, this place should be visited just for its hospitality.

‘An Elegant Elephant’ proved to me that elephants can very well be elegant. 🙂

Address: 612/1, 80ft road, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore


2 thoughts on “This Elephant is Elegant for sure

  1. the name of the place is an oxymoron. Elephant — elegant.
    but on your such strong recommendation. I would definitely go and their and eat palak chaat (wonder what it is)..!!!

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