Tucked happily in my belly… Huckleberry!

I had always wondered what a thin crust pizza with loads of topping would taste like. However, I never really got to try one, till I tried out this restaurant with huge yellow bicycle outside it. Huckleberry has a charm of itself. Benches lined with colorful pillows are quite inviting. We plonked ourselves on one of the indoor tables (they also have option of sitting outdoor). The small nothings hanging from the wall in front of us added a nice touch to the place.

The yellow bicycle outside this place is actually advertising a company. Wonderful concept!…

The menu in itself has nothing amusing. It’s simple and to the point. No frills attached. However, the food is just right! If you like mushrooms, try the roasted mushroom starter here. It’s rare to find a dish which can maintain mushroom’s taste in it, and this once came as a big surprise. A definite must have recommendation from my side.

Coming to the reason I decided to write about this place. The pizzas! Loaded with veggies, cheese and the crispiest of thin crust make the pizzas here one of my best till date! The best part however is that the food here is extremely light. You get out of the place feeling full yet light.

I still have to try the desserts there. I have heard a lot about the cheesecake here. So Huckleberry will see me again very soon!

Also, it’s a pet friendly place, so all you animal friendly people; take your special friends to this place for a nice outdoor meal! 🙂

Address: 298, 100 ft road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


One thought on “Tucked happily in my belly… Huckleberry!

  1. The thin crust pizza at Huckleberry is one of the best, i have had in recent times…!!! It surely is worth going.

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