My north Indian bliss… Adaa!

Being born and brought up in Delhi, I crave north Indian food very often, however living in South India its very difficult to find authentic north Indian food. Its amazes me how a Rajma dish here can taste like Sambhar! In the first few months of moving to Bangalore, I tried quite a few north Indian fine dining restaurants all over Bangalore… I just ended up with empty pockets and a very unsatisfied tummy!

That’s when my brother pointed out a local north Indian restaurant near our house (I till date don’t know why he waited for me to get frustrated with my search). From the first look, it is like any other decent local restaurant in Bangalore. Nothing exceptional…

But one spoonful of the Dal Makhani here and the north Indian beast inside me is fully satisfied! The best north Indian curries I’ve tasted in Bangalore reside here! The softest paneer, and freshest vegetables. The tandoori paneer here is my favorite starter! Naans here can be disappointing if you are a slow eater and can’t eat one while it’s still hot. Non veg dishes also are pretty good. But it’s one of those rare places where veg is better than non-veg.

I am not big on Indian sweets, but the hot gulab jamun here is my brother’s favorite. For me, the best way to end a meal when I go to Adaa is a pan from small shop near the restaurant.

Go here if you crave north Indian food. Not very heavy on pocket and a place you can enjoy both with family and friends. 🙂

Address: No 6, Silver Springs Lyt, Airport Varthur Mn Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore


2 thoughts on “My north Indian bliss… Adaa!

  1. I completely agree, the food is really good. But somehow I don’t enjoy their buffet too much.. À la carte is the way to be in Ada.

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