SOS… Spoonful of Sugar!

There are quite a few things which work when you feel low (especially if you are a woman)… shopping, chatting, good music, etc. my personal favorite however is Desserts! One bite into a perfect piece of cake and happiness just flows through your body. And why would you want to go anywhere else if you have SOS!! (Spoonful of Sugar). The short form itself says a lot about this place… it pretty much does save our souls!

Spoonful of Sugar is a small shop off Indranagar which serves desserts, sandwiches, pastas and other light eats. However for me it will always remain my dearest dessert shop. Mind you, the spread there is not huge, but every dessert there is worth indulging in. Ranging from Mississippi mud pie to Banoffee pie… From Red velvet Cupcakes to Blueberry cheesecakes… everything tastes divine. Infact I would be lying if I say that I had ever even heard of Red Velvet before I saw it here.

My favorites here are Mississippi mud pie and the cupcakes. As much as I hate bananas I like the Banoffee pie here too.

The only problem though is that being situated at a residential area it closes quite early in the evening. Hence try to make it there by around 7:30-8:00, and enjoy a sinful dessert in their balcony setting.

Address: 421-G, 1st Main, 3rd Cross, 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore


2 thoughts on “SOS… Spoonful of Sugar!

  1. One of my best discoveries in Bglr .. Thanks to u..
    I think its an understatement to say, Mississippi mud pie is ur fav. She might sue the place, if they stop making it 😛

  2. If only I had read your blog earlier, I’d not have had to face the closed door of SOS and left with my craving for BB CC unsatiated! Will be sure to check out your other recommendations, Miss Desert connoisseuse!

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