Italian luxury… Toscano

Toscano, one of my favorite Italian restaurants… but for a very long time the only place where you could go to, to explore its food was UB city. For someone living in Brookefields for past 3 years, visit to that place was limited to special occasions. However, to my delight, very soon they opened another branch in Whitefield.

Before we talk about the food at Toscanos, let’s discuss the ambience of that place. Situated inside Forum Value mall, it’s a very spacious restaurant with classy interiors. You will always see families relaxing here, with kids having enough room to run around.

Seat yourself in one of their tables (if you get lucky, you get to sit on one of their couches… I still have to make it to Toscanos at the right time for that) and take a minute to look around. Read the fun stuff written on the top of the bar, admire the tiny shop from where you can buy raw products to make your own Italian meal and then move to the huge menu to decide your meal.

Everything seems perfect in a dish they serve. If any restaurant today comes close to the way chefs serve dishes in “Master Chef Australia”, it’s this! The white sauce pastas, the feta cheese salad, and the thin crust pizzas all make you smile as you eat them. Team it up with a drink (Sangrias here are a hit!) and you have a perfect meal.

The desserts are exceptional here! I think every time I go to Toscanos, I just end up clicking pictures of desserts I order.

Overall it’s completely worth the money you pay. A must visit for anyone who loves desserts or Italian food.

Address: The Forum Value Mall, 224-A, 2nd Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore- 560066, Karnataka


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