All the way to…. Claytopia!!

On a day when I am craving some good food and not feeling rich enough, is the day I stop by Claytopia. It’s my perfect evening hangout place. As you enter this place, it might look a little shabby… but it really doesn’t matter. Do not go here with expectation of a fine dining experience. This is a place where people come to, for good food and nice conversations. In evenings they place candles on the tables outside. (Might make it look like an unintended candle light dinner at times)… Inside is well light with decent chairs but can get a little stuffy in summers.

What’s different about this place is that you would see pottery all around you. Some colored in the most interesting way and some plain white. You can go ahead and buy these for your house, or actually hop in on a weekend to make one yourself! It’s a great place if you are in company of kids who love craft.

The food here though, is the actual reason for me writing this post. This place has one of the best barbeque chicken burgers. It’s nearly impossible to eat it without messing up, and that’s pretty much the beauty of it. The barbeque sauce here is the best I’ve had till date! The other things on the menu are also quite good. Try the pasta here or even the veg burger. You can wash down your food with some really nice shakes or a flavored cappuccino. One of my personal favorite is the Oreos Shake, which is rich and a meal in itself (at least for me). In case you are looking for something hot; the hazelnut cappuccino is also pretty good here.

And over and above all of this, it’s a very economically priced place. You go here; you come out feeling satisfied, full and with your pockets not as light as you would have thought. It’s a perfect place to catch up with friends. One of those places where you won’t mind going alone either.

P.S. – Sadly i couldn’t find a good pic for this place. I’ll click one when i go next time 🙂

Address: 318, 6th Main, 2nd Stage, Off 100 Feet Road,Indiranagar, Bangalore


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