I could do with more of “Cream and Crust”

“Cream and Crust” was introduced to me by a friend as the perfect place for evening cup of coffee with some amazing snacks. However, I consider this as the place to go to any day, any hour…

Situated in the middle of busy 100ft road, Indiranagar, it seems like just another cafe. Semi open air, it’s a perfect place for Bangalore weather. The wooden chairs around a circular glass table with one side of the café cum bakery being walled with mirror makes a nice ambiance. What adds to this perfect ambience is the music with its videos on a small screen, playing some of best classics of english music. Missing “Dirty Dancing”, “Micheal Jackson” … Come here. 🙂

The must try of this place is the Nachos… with an amazing topping and salsa, it is a combination which everyone loves! The huge servings nearly makes it a lunch for 2. Top it with some amazing coffees and shakes they have to offer. I being a hot beverage person, love the cappuccino there, however they also have cookie shakes and teas in the menu. They also have some amazing pastas and sandwiches to offer. Overall I like the menu here. the servings are good, and the food is tasty. Its not heavy on the pocket either.

Moving on to my favorite part, the desserts! They have an amazing spread of desserts. Walk into there bakery to see what they have to offer. My love of cheesecakes was discovered here. Try the blueberry cheesecake, and they have a Mississippi  Mudpie for chocolate lovers.

Overall, anything and everything you eat here seems to be worth the money and the time spent.  A perfect hang out with friends.

Oh, and now they have started serving Cupcakes too!!!

Address: No. 57, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar , Bangalore


2 thoughts on “I could do with more of “Cream and Crust”

  1. I could not agree more! I wish I could get a pic of the nachos… Next time I’ll try to click a pic before I dig into them 🙂

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