Hole in the Wall… It sure is!

taken from google

Situated in a place, where it can be easily missed, with the board that one notices only when they know what they are looking for; “Hole in the wall” is exactly as its name suggests!

As you enter this tiny cafe with barely 10 tables, the simplicity just overwhelms you. Barely decorated it just feels like a store room converted into a cafe. However, having said that, it’s a very inviting place for a quick bite. What interested me the most was that one wall of the restaurant is filled with loads of tissue papers all over, the happy customers have left notes for the owner as well as the other customers. The fading color of the ink and yellowness of the tissue papers show that they have been there for a while, and the oldest of these messages are not taken down. Me and my friend, also pinned down a few lines for that wall, which was put comfortably next to an extremely old one. It felt good to have the visual confirmation  that it will remain there for a while. 🙂

This is more of a breakfast place specially for people who love eggs. We ordered a sunny side up omelet and a scrambled egg plate. Both the dishes were very well made and filling. No frills attached, the per plate quantity was quite impressive. The best however was the fresh juice of the day – watermelon. Very refreshing, I could do with more.

The place is also known for good desserts, however having landed there at evening, the stock was over.

A must visit, preferably for breakfast, however make sure you reach there early enough as it being a small place has waiting. If you want to enjoy a quick snack in the evening, I would again recommend this place, however don’t mind if you don’t get any dessert 😀

Address: 61, 1st ‘A’ Main, S.T. Bed, 4th Block, Kormangala , Bangalore


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