“Yes, Our Chefs are actually fat Ma’am”

Pic taken from google

Every time you drive down to Forum Value mall from my house, you see this big board on way, which has written on it in bold red color – “The Fat chef”. Having heard about it from my brother, I had been looking forward to going there. Finally I managed to convince a friend to accompany me there for a meal over the weekend.

It is situated inside an apartment complex right behind the “Jagriti Theatre”. You have to enter the complex to enter the restaurant, and I had a very strong feeling that they are going to ask us to fill the visitor’s register. However, we were directed towards one end of the society.

At the entry you see few tables lined up right outside the restaurant and a narrow lane inside with one side having the dessert display. However going inside, you see a huge area with quite a lot of tables. A bar in the corner… and there seemed to be tables available in the lawn as well…

As we sat ourselves down at a corner table, we were asked by the waiter to go select our order from the blackboard menu, as they do not have printed menus… a cute set of 3 blackboards with menu written by chalk gave an interesting kick start to the meal…

We started our order with Mexican chicken balls, which to my surprise was extremely light… making us order another starter – Fish Chips. Both the starters being fried, I still had enough room for main course and the dessert. Having had a lot of typical Italian main courses, I was amused to see “Ratatouille” in the menu. Being a great fan of the animation movie, I thought of giving it a try and it was ordered as a main course, and I was not disappointed!… a mountain of beautifully cooked vegetables with flat pasta, a full marks dish!

The dessert was the Walnut Chocolate cake; it was moist, topped with chocolate sauce and walnuts, and sweet enough… just the way I like it.

Overall a cozy Italian place, I am definitely going back there again. Good food, value for money and a simple ambiance. Looking forward to another visit very soon. A perfect place for a decent Italian meal. Gets a thumbs up from my side.

Address: No. 5/2A, Jagrithi, Ramagondanahall, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore


One thought on ““Yes, Our Chefs are actually fat Ma’am”

  1. Finally !! A place to share the immense knowledge of urs :).
    So proud of U.. Keep up the good work..
    Waiting for More ..

    PS: Once this blog becomes a super duper hit, U gotta give me a ‘special’ treat, of course at the place u recommend..

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